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A New Walking Bridge

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Moscow Metropoliten

There were plans for the construction of a Moscow underground railway before the revolution. More than once the City Council returned to the question of an underground. However its building had began only in the Soviet times.
The first line, the Sokolnicheskaya, was open 15 May 1935. It had 13 stations from Sokolniki to Park of Culture, with a branch line from Komintern station (today Alexandrovsky sad) to Smolenskaya on the modern Filyovskaya line.
May be to the great degree Moscow Metropoliten is interested as a work of art. Spacious metro stations are artistically decorated by the works of architects, painters, sculptors. Novoslobodskaya was opened in January 1952, designed by the architects Dushkin and Strelkov. It is perhaps the brightest and most decorative station in Moscow's underground city. The hall sparkles with different coloured fires from the excellent stained glass windows made by master craftsmen from Riga. At the end of the station there is a mosaic panel which Korin designed, entitled 'Peace Throughout the World'.
The Moscow metro is constantly being expanded, with its branch lines extending further into Moscow's outskirts. In 1995 the Lyublinskaya line was opened , and its main sight is Rimskaya Station, which is adorned with magnificent Italian sculptures and marble facings.

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